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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Commissioned Artwork:


1. Requested Artwork:
The artist agrees to create a custom artwork based on the customer's request. However, the artist reserves the right to refuse any requests that involve fetishes, hateful content, imitation of other art styles or artists, gore, or anything that is far from the artist's artistic style or personal values.


2. Artistic Style and Interpretation:
The artist will use their artistic judgment and interpretation to create the commissioned artwork, incorporating the customer's general guidelines and specifications. The customer understands and acknowledges that the final artwork may not be an exact replica or copy of any reference materials provided.

3. Payments:
 a) Full Payment: The customer agrees to pay the full agreed-upon price for the commissioned artwork upon completion.
 b) Partial Payment: The customer agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total agreed-upon price to initiate the commission process. The remaining balance must be paid in full before the delivery of the final artwork.

4. Ownership and Usage Rights:
Upon full payment, the customer will own the commissioned artwork. The artist retains the right to display images of the artwork in their portfolio, website, social media, and for promotional purposes, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

5. Changes and Revisions:
Minor changes and revisions to the artwork can be made during the creation process. However, major changes or deviations from the initially agreed-upon concept may incur additional charges, which will be communicated and agreed upon by both parties in writing.

6. Delivery:
The artist will provide the final artwork to the customer in a mutually agreed-upon format (digital file, physical artwork, etc.). Any shipping or handling charges will be the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise stated in writing.

7. Copyright and Reproduction:
The customer agrees not to reproduce, copy, or distribute the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the artist. The artist retains the copyright and reproduction rights to the commissioned artwork, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

8. Cancellation:
a) By the Customer: If the customer wishes to cancel the commission before the artwork is completed, any non-refundable deposit paid will be retained by the artist.
b) By the Artist: In the event that the artist is unable to complete the commission for reasons beyond their control, the customer will be refunded any payments made in full.

9. Confidentiality:
Both the artist and the customer agree to keep all confidential information shared during the commission process confidential. This includes but is not limited to concepts, designs, and any personal information shared between the parties.

10. Governing Law:
This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of [Specify jurisdiction]. Any legal actions or proceedings related to this agreement shall be conducted in the courts of [Specify jurisdiction].

By commissioning the artwork, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the above terms and conditions.

Artist's Signature: ________________________    Date: ______________
Customer's Signature: ________________________    Date: ______________

Please note that this template is a general guide, and it is recommended to consult with a legal professional to ensure that the terms and conditions align with specific legal requirements and protect the interests of both the artist and the customer.

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