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About the Artist

Art inspires to create original moving artwork to enhance dignity in one's self beauty. Produce artwork infused with the spirit of solidity and self-identifying beauty in the imperfections of the soul.

I am self-taught in mediums such as in acrylic, watercolor, graphite. I honed my skills by taking pictures of family, the magazine, or imagination and trying to draw them. I currently work predominantly in watercolor and Pyrography.


I have always drawn or painted from a very young age, as early as five years old. Art was my calming device, from different struggles in my life. I started with graphite color pencils, acrylic watercolor and now wood burning (Pyrography)

The beauty of my art occurs between the structure of the sketch and the un-restriction of color and lines all balanced in the same image.


I have found my love for my art on wood, canvas, and paper. With each line stroke and single lies the gift of the unknowing beauty. I found my inspiration in the emotion of the face or energy of the pose and the emotion of the subject's facial structure, (Lips eyes nose. etc)


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Angle shot of Head down Artwork
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